Welcome to Tri-State Vision Center!

Serving Montpelier, Bryan, and the surrounding communities, we offer comprehensive eye health services for all members of your family. We know how much your eye health and appearance means to the quality of your life. Dr. Jason Kunsman, Dr. Austin Saneholtz and our staff are committed to excellence and serving your complete eye care needs.

The entire Tri-State Vision Center staff take the sincerest pleasure in taking part in your family's eye care needs. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible and helping our patients make the right decisions about their eyewear without pressuring them into purchasing unnecessary options.

We realize you have a choice in your eye care provider, and want to thank you for allowing us to meet your optical needs.

Visit us at Tri-State Vision Center to find the latest in fashion eyewear and lens technology. Our experienced staff looks forward to helping you find the best pair of eyewear or contact lenses to meet your visual needs.

We look forward to welcoming you in our office at Tri-State Vision Center soon! At Tri-State Vision Center... Our Focus is You!

Tri-State Vision Center
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